Lotto Jackpots Are Big Do You Really Want To Win?

Do you ever get depressed when hearing about the latest lotto jackpots winner and how happy they are, wishing it could be you? You see their picture in the paper stating how they will be helping friends and family and following their dreams of living a better life – or some other equally as annoying comment. It doesn’t seem fair that all these people that just happened to buy a winning lottery tickets when all they went to the store for some sugar and just decided to get a few lottery tickets and won!

Sometimes when you hear that the lucky ticket was purchased in your area, but not claimed yet – have you thought that ticket was possibly yours? Did you leave that ticket in your wallet or purse still kind of hoping that when you finally did go check it that miraculously you would be the mysterious winner? It’s such a let down isn’t it when you do find out you didn’t win and some group of vacuum sales guys won and their life isn’t going to suck any more.

Sure there are winners that win as a result of a computer generated line of numbers and there are people that will win from using all their families birthdays and lucky numbers which is very rare but happens. I have found out the real way to winning often and winning more, it is actually by using a lottery system a good lotto strategies. I haven’t won any lotto jackpots yet, but I have won a lot of the lower prizes routinely and it’s going to add up and still have a better shot at winning the big money as my odds are better than before.

I almost make the same as my paychecks in winnings – so guess what?  I’ve doubled my income some months!! So, what’s the point of grumbling that you spend money every draw and never win … take it into your own hands and increase the odds in your favor use a real lottery system and be like me, you could double your income and maybe even one day, you’ll be the one telling the papers that you will live your dream life and it’s all because you got smart and played the lottery Smarter to hit those winning lottery numbers!!!

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