Play The Lottery To Retire Early

With the world population booming like never before, more and more people are playing the lottery in hopes of becoming wealthy to retire early. This is creating larger and larger jackpots in all the lotteries all over the world. Larger jackpots attract more players and with more players, record breaking prizes. Did you know that those higher jackpots are created by losing quick pick combinations and lottery players loses. People are just running into their local lottery outlets and buying the time saving “quick pick” thinking that it only takes one ticket to win and everything is random – right? Wrong!!! Studies have proven the lottery is predictable to a certain degree, some numbers appear more times than others and patterns can be seen with a more in depth breakdown. Unfortunately, today’s society is looking for the ‘quick fix’, the easiest route, or the instant gratification. I don’t know about you, but does instant coffee taste as good as freshly brewed? No way!  Most good things come with a little work and perseverance. That’s why if you are serious about playing the lottery and playing it to win, you should invest in a proven lottery system that will bring you more results than just random numbers alone.

In this era of technological advancement is it any wonder that more and more people are trying to increase their odds at winning the lottery? Using all sorts of lottery ‘software’ systems, people are paying good money for something that generates random numbers just like the lottery terminal does for you when you buy a quick pick, or gives same numbers found from free lottery statistic websites. They believe because of the glorified marketing technique, these sort of systems will miraculously generate the winning combination of their state or regional lottery draw. Others, like Eddie in Iowa, who worked for the State Lottery foundation, used a computer hack program that would generate the winning combination of his choosing and then self-destruct immediately afterward. The only thing Eddie didn’t think about was how he was going to collect his 16 million dollars lottery jackpot without creating suspicion. To make a long story short, Eddie is now counting the days when he’s released from prison. These kind of systems or schemes rarely end up winning anything or in Eddie’s case, keeping a win.

There are many lottery systems out there that promise you the world or the winning ticket the first time you use it – beware of these systems, they are only going to take your money and leave you frustrated. Investigate and find the one that doesn’t leave you broke buying it and doesn’t make promises that sound too good to be true. You’re going to be smarter and capture one of those huge jackpots by playing consistently and playing smart – with a proven lottery system!

Take a look at the poll below, it shows you which lottery systems real users or lottery winners voted on that worked best for them. The system that took top votes over-all was the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is not designed like most other systems and one of only a few systems we highly recommend using. It is a number pattern analysis type system where as most other systems are past drawn numbers type systems which seriously do not help you much to win the lottery. Use a real winning lottery system, get real results it’s just a fact!

Yes, you do need to use a lottery system, it is the only tool designed to boost your winning success, nothing else will work. We all want to play the lottery, win big, then retire and live a great life, but only you can make it a reality by playing smarter!


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