LOTTERY – How To Hit Winning Numbers

The fact is we all want to win the lottery, it’s just that most lottery players have no idea how to increase their chances to win. We find it amazing that a person will lose every single lottery draw for years and not see the fact that their strategy to win is simply not working for them. You need to change the way you play to win lottery, or just face facts you will never win the lotto jackpot, never mind the smaller winnings. This is where we come in and steer you in the correct direction, or should say strategy to increase your winning success rate.

First off, never listen to people who say playing the lottery is useless. Those people will just never have the chance to win a big lotto jackpot, as they do not know how to play for better success and they really want you to fail as well. The reality is, there are lottery winners from all lotto games weekly, someone is always going to win whether it be a small winning or a large winning, but you do need to play to actually have a shot at winning, it’s just common sense. Even losing is not all that bad, as most lottery corporations give money to various charities which helps people out, so playing the lottery win or lose is a good thing.

Now that all that is covered, we can move on to how improve your chances of hitting winning lottery numbers easier. You will need to learn to play smarter and change the way you have been playing. First, you must start playing more lines of numbers, or lottery tickets. Just playing one or two lottery tickets will not help you much to win. Second, you should choose a lottery game to play and only play that particular game, give it all your focus, do not play two or three games at once. Third and the most important of all, is to use a winning strategy as in a real tested and proven lottery system. Playing the lottery and hitting winning numbers is far easier to do if using a serious winning lottery system and that is your biggest key to win lottery easier! Of course you cannot just use any old system that sounds good, as many of these systems are just gimmicks sold by marketers to make fast cash. We could just suggest a few systems to use, but we feel more proof is needed to be shown.

Take a look at the best winning lottery system official poll results, it will clearly show you which lottery systems real lottery winners voted as best winning system or systems. You simply cannot get better solid proof than poll results. Polls cannot lie like false testimonials or false reviews, which is what many systems sold by marketers use to grab sales, as those systems are extremely poor at winning any lottery game.

The cold hard fact is, to increase your over-all chances to win the lottery you must use the best tools you can and for the lottery, lottery systems are the only tools designed for the job. Please note, no lottery system can guarantee you will win, they just improve your odds to win and are meant to be use for the long run, there is simply no better way. Here is best recommend winning lottery systems by majority user votes, just use it and stick with it, it puts your numbers into much better winning groups.

Lotto Guy Lottery System ( This system is a top winning number pattern analysis system used by real lottery winners)


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Lottery – Do You Know What It Takes To Win The Lottery?

When playing the lottery to win, there is a right way and wrong way to play. The truth is most of you are playing the lottery to consistently lose, not to win the lottery! You can answers these questions to see if you are a person who is playing the lottery the wrong way. Do you ever win? Do you play more than just one or two lottery tickets per draw? Do you use a well proven strategy to help you increase your chances to win the lottery? If your answers were all no to these questions, you definitely do not know what it takes to win the lottery. You then need to change the way you play lotto, to a smarter more logical method.

There are only a very small percentage of lottery players that eventually realize on their own, that their lottery playing strategy is a dead end and start to play smarter. Most lottery players never change the way they play, even though they know it’s not working out for them. For these lottery players advice from a real lottery expert is strongly needed and hopefully changes the way they play the lottery, to a more beneficial successful strategy.

To play the lottery in a more logical fashion that is going to increase your winning success, you will have to follow some tested and proven winning guide lines such as:

  • Playing only one or two lottery tickets each lottery draw will not cut it, you need to play more lines/tickets to better your odds to win.
  • You must start playing your lottery game more consistently. You cannot play for two draws, stop for three draws and play again for two or so draws. Playing consistently or for a set time period along with using a good strategy (lottery system) is a must do!
  • Now for your big key lottery winning tip that is a definite must do. If you are to succeed at winning the lottery, you must using a good strategy as in a well-tested and proven winning lottery system. This is how many lottery players start to obtain good winning success, just by using a good lottery system and sticking with it.

If you follow these three recommended lottery tips, your odds to win will be far better than ever. You still may never hit the big lotto jackpot, but you will hit the smaller winnings much easier while still increasing your odds big time, to also hit the big lotto jackpot. There is simply no good reason to play the lottery without using a lottery system, it is the smart way to play and is the only tool designed to help you win easier!

Without reviewing every single lottery system out there, which by the way many of them are just gimmicks, they never win as claimed and should be avoided. You only want to use the good real winning lottery systems and this is where we can show you proof of what to use, saving you a boat load of wasted time and money. The only lottery systems that we see as worthwhile to use are the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is a highly recommended real tested and proven winning system, or a very good lottery wheeling system as Smart Play Lotto Wheels. You simply cannot go wrong using either or both systems. To back this up even further, have a look below at the top winning lottery systems that actual users voted on, as to which worked the best for them to win the lottery.


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Lottery Winning Strategy Playing In Groups

A good lottery winning strategy is to play in with groups of people, this has worked for some lottery winners. Playing the lottery in a group does have some good and bad points. Playing in a group will give you an increased odds to win, as there would be many more lottery tickets working for you. Then the bad part of playing in groups is you must split your winning equally with-in the group, which may only pay you a small winnings.

The only time playing the lottery in a group is beneficial, is if you are only concerned with winning a lotto jackpot, then your split may be worthwhile. Some people recommend you play lottery using a lottery syndicate, which would be the same as playing in a group, but a much larger group. We have to warn you about using a lottery syndicate. Many of those types of programs have turned out to be not legit and or very hard to obtain your winnings if they are large. Many people have had to go to court to try and get their large winning from these lottery syndicate programs. We advise people to only play in a group as with your co-workers, or a group of good friends, then you will avoid problems if in fact you win big.

Of course the best way to play the lottery is to just play your own lottery tickets, then you are totally in charge and receive the whole lottery winnings. If you play the lottery just by yourself, you are should play much smarter and use a well proven winning lottery system, it’s the only tool designed to help you win easier. Most people will choose to play the lottery by themselves, but not using any odds boosting strategy as in a good lottery system, therefore never really winning much at. The lottery players who choose to use and apply a good lottery winning strategy as in using a lottery system, on average will win much more often. Of course this is obviously due to the fact they have increased their odds to win easier!

Whichever way you choose to play the lottery will determine your success rate. Most will play the lottery on their own and if going to play smarter will use a good lottery system. Finding a good lottery system is actually the hard part as there are many that make big claims, feed you false advertising all just to grab your money. You need to use a real tested and proven lottery system, this is where we can help you out big time and save you a lot of money and time. See the poll below, it is a poll that was taken to see which lottery systems worked best for real users. All you need to do is use one of the top three winning (most voted on lottery system) systems and just stick with it, better lottery winning success will definitely come your way.

Below are the two top best winning lottery systems websites so you can find them easily. We recommend you pick one and stick with it, do not jump from system to system, that is a big mistake many people do as they are too impatient. Playing the lottery can be fun, but it is gambling, so be patient and play smart, that’s your key to better winning success.

Lotto Guy Lottery System

Smart Play Lotto Wheels


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